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Projects | iConnect Monaco

Orphaned and Abandoned Children in Bulgaria

iConnect Monaco is privileged to be involved with Quest Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Quest Academy started as the first and only private Christian kindergarten and has grown to a primary school, fully accredited by the Bulgarian authorities. The founder of the Academy, Mrs.Julia Atkova, received a special recognition by the mayor of Sofia in 2014. iConnect Monaco’s focus is on the integration of abandoned, neglected and orphaned children from state-run institutions, who are received each year by the Quest Academy on a pro-bono basis. This wonderful program brings hope of a bright future to these needy children.


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Refugee Families from Syria, Iraq and Iran in Turkey

iConnect Monaco has been reaching out to the refugee communities in Turkey, bringing aid and hope to their desperate situation. We have direct access to refugee camps and towns where the refugees have been placed by the Turkish government. iConnect Monaco delivers food, clothing and shoes, blankets, disposable diapers and other hygiene items. We distribute the aid in person, assuring our donors of transparency and accountability.

iConnect Monaco’s principal contact writes: “These people are really simple and hardly know how to read and write any language. But they speak both Kurdish and Arabic. They know that we are Christians. We listen a lot, we distribute all the goods and we assure them of our love and of the love of God in Jesus.”


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Egypt : Children and Families at Risk

At least 16.7 million children live in poverty in Egypt, a total of 9.2 million living in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty in Egypt is classified as earning less than $US 1.40 per day.

In Cairo, there are about 600,000 street kids and many are living in the slums, about 300 of them in the city of over 20 million. Inhabitants of these areas suffer from lack of basic services, they have no electricity, water pipes or sewage system. Living on the streets has significant, life-long consequences for the children’s physical and mental health.

iConnect Monaco is reaching out to impoverished children and families living in the slums of Cairo, bringing them Aid, offering Hope and sharing the Gospel, as well as helping with their education.

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